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Bruce McCulloch’s Tales of Bravery and Stupidity


Bruce McCulloch’s Tales of Bravery and Stupidity is a one-man show that moves brilliantly between funny, relatable and surprisingly touching. Using music, stand-up, and storytelling, Bruce McCulloch takes us on a poetic flyover of his life “pursuing stories” and makes an unspoken agreement with the audience to contemplate the world together. Tales combines Bruce’s knack for elfin’ funny observations with his humanistic yearnings, looking at the bravely stupid things he’s done – and things we all do – to make sense of our messy lives. From musings about his worldview to a window into his family, Bruce looks at the way we reach outward and inward, and his struggle against his own internal pessimism to see the beauty and joy in life.

Content Warnings:

This show contains adult content and is suggested for audiences 18+

Bruce McCulloch

Bruce McCulloch is a Canadian comedy icon best known as “the dark one” in Canada’s Walk of Fame Inducted sketch comedy troupe The Kids in the Hall. Bruce has released two musical comedy albums Shame-Based Man and 2002’s Drunk Baby Project. He’s an accomplished director and producer for projects including Tallboyz, Superstar, and the brand new sketch comedy series The Dessert. In 2014 he published Let’s Start a Riot: How a Young Drunk Punk Became A Hollywood Dad, a memoir which he later adapted for television in the series Young Drunk Punk.



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